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Trump is the ability to create and better utilize the artifacts known as Trump cards. These cards have a visual representation of a person or place, and when used allow communication and even travel between those locations. The power itself is not fully understood, many believed that it was based upon the pattern, however during the war with chaos it was found that Chaosites also had trump cards. It is clear however that one must be an initiate of a power that gives the ability to move through shadow to learn to make trump cards. Cards created by those without a full ability to move through shadow are unreliable, even dangerous.

Trump Artistry (20 Points)

Create Trumps
While people without the trump ability can activate and use trumps, only those with the power can create them. Creating them is done by various forms of physical artwork, connecting the artwork to the person the creator desires. It is not as simple of a process as simply making a picture, as a trump is a mystical item. Creating a trump of a person is only possible for very familiar people, or if that person is present.

Trump Sketch
A trump sketch is a quick trump, that is unstable and generally not usable over long distances or for numerous uses. However they take significantly less time to create, generally less than half an hour.

Trump Upgrades

While the ability to create trump cards is quite useful, there is much more utility to be found from trump.


Advanced Trump Artistry (10 Points)

Location Trump
The artist may now make trumps of location, allowing rapid traverse between places without need of shadow walking or someone on the other end. The artist must be quite familiar with the location, or be present at that location making the trump. When used a location trump can bring user and several other people through the connection before it closes.

Itemp Trump
Trumps of items may now be created. These function differently than those of locations or people, bringing the item to the activator rather than creating a contact. Generic trumps of “sword”, etc can keep the character readily supplied with gear. Trumps of magical items may also be created, though it is possible that with more powerful items, the trump would perform differently (pattern swords, jewel of judgment).

Non traditional trumps can be created, that do not look like a trump, or even the subject. An example might be an etching on a sword being a trump. Once activated the subject of the trump quickly becomes clear. Due to the complexity of creating a cipher, they take significantly longer to create.

Trump Artifice (15 Points)

Trump Trap
A trump trap is a trump that starts activating as soon as it is touched or looked at, and attempts to force someone through the trap. These trumps may be placed in cyphers, as well as traditional trump cards. The person being trapped may attempt to resist the trap, either avoiding the trap or appearing in a nearby shadow or a different place within the destination. While unlikely to actually kill an Amberite, these traps are useful in both detaining or relocating those who fall within them.

Trump artifacts are artifacts imbued with trump energy. In addition to simply creating a strong mystical items trump abilities can be inferred, and particular qualities can be imbued within it using trump. An example trump artifact might be a clip that would reduce the viability of trump in the area. The power of trump is quite varied and trump artifacts are able to push it even further.

Copy Trump The artist may very easily create copies of trump cards, rather than painting a new card they may simply cause a copy of it to simply appear. Excessive use of trump copying can be a drain on the user.

Trump Finesse (10 Points)

Trump Gate
A trump user may pour trump energy into a card, causing a gate to appear that does not require any user to hold it open. The size of the gate and length the gate is kept open is dependent on psyche, and to some extant endurance for truly phenomenal lengths. A trump gate appears as a bright source of light in the shape of a card, usually about the size of a doorway.

By concentrating on a trump card, the artist can block that trump stopping others from contacting it, and stopping the target from trumping. This can be used on locations trumps as well, stopping people from trumping to or from a location. Successfully holding a block against a determined assault requires psychic superiority.

Familiar Trumps may be activated my memory, not requiring the card. The artist must have drawn the card before to use this ability. Activating a trump by memory creates a less stable trump contact than using a card. Doing so takes approximately the same amount of time as a regular card. While the artist does not need to stare at a card, significant concentration is still needed so doing other tasks in the meantime is difficult.

Trump Mastery (20 Points)

By Sight Trump contacts may be initiated to things the artist can see, allowing the character to initiate contact without having a card. If the artist can create trumps of locations rapid travel is possible through this ability. Items may be trumped to the user with Itemp trumps by this ability also. Trumps created by sight require significant effort as a temporary trump is created, and take at least fifteen seconds to enact. These trump contacts are more fragile than trumping with a card or by memory.

Create Contact
The artist may now initiate a contact between two trump cards, such as causing Corwin and Eric to enter trump contact. This ability is powered by psyche, though psyche superiority is not needed to use it. The artist may attempt to hold the contact open, contesting the characters in question’s psyche. A person may be made to be in contact with a location as well, possibly forcing them to that location.

The trump artist can see where a previous trump went, and may attempt to create a trump of that location. This is dependent on psyche, as well as how much time has passed since the trump.

Scry Shadow Scrying shadow is an ability to see through shadow. It can be used primarily in two ways. A character may select a trump as a focus and scry for that trump, causing images of nearby or related areas to appear in there mind. Alternatively, the trump artist can open themselves up to nearby shadows, gaining images from them. These images will tend to focus on trumps the user has, or events affected by people who have trumps. Those being scryed may be able to detect it, and in some cases actually block the scry, though generally a scry is to subtle to give those under its effect more than an uneasy feeling. Trump Scrying is a time consuming process, often taking hours to complete, and is quite taxing.

Trump Utility (5/10 Points)

Trump is used by many people, not all trump artists, and as such some abilities are available to those without trump artistry. For non trump artistry this power costs 10 points rather than 5.

Sense Trump
The character can sense trump and trump energies, this makes it far more difficult to spy on or block their trump (at least to remain unaware). This also makes it much easier to refuse a trump contact. This can sometimes be used to see if a trump is in use as well.

Caller ID
When receiving a trump contact the character may take a moment to attempt to ascertain the identity of the caller. Often in the case of a trump being used to initiate a psychic contact this is to slow to be useful.

The character can attempt to spy through a trump contact, opening a very tenuous connection. This allows them to hear trump conversations, and gain snippets of thoughts and images. Trump Spying is based on psyche.

By passively opening a trump connection the user can attempt to view the situation on the other side without initiating contact. This is psyche resisted, and works better on location trumps than trumps of people.

The trumps can be used to do a trump reading, in answer to a question. Getting reliable readings from trumps is psyche based, but the interpretation is often quite difficult.

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