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Stuff is divided into two categories, good or bad stuff. Good stuff is left over points that a character has not yet spent, and bad stuff is points spent over the amount of points available. Characters with good stuff tend to be more fortunate, while characters with bad stuff tend to be less fortunate. The rickety bridge will hold for the good stuff character, while fail for the bad stuff character. In a fight the bad stuff character might slip at an inopportune moment.

Stuff is entirely up to the GM’s discretion, bad things will happen to bad stuff characters, but they will also happen to good stuff characters. However the good stuff character may find them self more apt to deal with events. Stuff doesn’t go away, because you were unlucky earlier does not mean you will not be unlucky an hour or even a minute later.

A character can go up to 10% of there total points into bad stuff. By doing this they acquire higher attributes and more powers.

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