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Strength rates the character’s muscles, and therefore the damage that a character can inflict in hand to hand combat. It is also a measure of there ability in martial combat. Once characters lay hands on each other, the contest, no matter what it may have been before, becomes one of sheer Strength. Unlike other forms of combat, where a character can usually run away, there is likely no escape from a wrestling match with a character of superior Strength. Character’s with higher strengths are better at absorbing blunt trauma, such as falls or fists.

Things you can do with Strength

  • Engage in any hand to hand physical conflict.
  • Battle with and throw, large unwieldy weapons such as sofa’s and logs.
  • Use martial arts to avoid incoming attacks.
  • Run, swim and climb faster, jump further.
  • Shrug off damage from fists and falling and similar sources.



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