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This is the rating of the character’s mental strength. It is not a measure of a character’s intelligence. Psyche also shows the character’s force of will, and their agility in manipulating Powers. In addition, a character with a high Psyche may be more sensitive to the environment, sensing danger and getting other information. Most important, the relative Ranking in Psyche will determine all contests of the mind. These Psychic battles, often fought through Trump contacts, or through mystic connections, will be always judged by a character’s Psyche. The loser in a Psychic battle can, if overwhelmed, be seriously harmed by the power of the mind alone.

Things you can do with Psyche

  • Better use your powers.
  • Overpower others minds.
  • Resist sorcery and power effects.
  • Gives you “Psychic Sensitivity”, sometimes sensing danger or giving information.



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