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Power Words (10 Points)

Taking Power Words grants the character 5 Power words. Additional sets of 3 power words may be purchased for 5 points each set.

Power words are a simple power which allows the character to speak a word and have a small mystical effect occur. They differ greatly from sorcery in that they take no preparation, do not have lynchpins, and can be used pretty much anywhere. However unlike sorcery, power words are not adaptable, one is limited to the power words that they know.

The most important attribute for power words is psyche, as it determines how effective a power word is. This is particularly important when your power word interacts with another power and combats a psyche.

Note, in the Amber rule book, most power words are listed with what they do that are good, but shortly thereafter they tell you why that word is actually not useful. The usefulness of power words will be dependent on psyche in this game.

List of available Power Words

Burst of Magic- Burst of magic interferes with sorcery spells.
Burst of Psyche- Gives short lived Psychic Boost.
Burst of Speed- For a few moments character moves faster.
Burst of Strength- For a few moments the character is stronger.
Chaos Negation- Interferes with Chaos effects.
Defensive Luck- Causes good luck for defender or bad for attacker.
Fortune- Target becomes lucky.
Gust- A blast of wind.
Hush- Negates noise.
Induce Euphoria- Target feels happy.
Induce Fear- Target feels fear.
Jump- Boosts character’s jumping height and distance.
Lifeforce- Temporarily bolsters targets life.
Light Strobe- A flash of light from hand or object.
Magic Negation- Interferes with sorcery effects.
Neural Disrupt- Interferes with coordination etc.
Misfortune- Target becomes unlucky.
Pain Attack- Induces pain in target.
Pattern Negation- Interferes with pattern effects.
Process Snuff- Causes target action to become less energetic.
Process Surge- Target action becomes more energetic.
Psychic Disrupt- Interferes target’s psychic connections.
Resume True Form- Target returns to their true form.
Seal- Locks something, such as a door or a chest.
Shade- Surrounding area becomes dark and shadowed.
Slowfall- Reduces the speed at which you are falling.
Spark- A spark of flame from users hand.
Strengthen Structure- Bolsters strength of object.
Thunder- A loud and very distracting blast of thunder.
Trump Disrupt- Disrupts a trump contact.
Weaken Structure- Weakens strength of object.
Zap- A zap of electricity from users hand

Power Word Ideas

Names and power words- If you know the name of the target of the power word, the effect of the power word is increased.

New Power Words- New power words are possible other than those listed above, as long as they follow the same general theme.

Sorcery and Power Words- A sorcerer may use power words as an upgrade to sorcery, allowing simple spells to be cast in a power word. If power words are used in such a way, then essentially the character purchases a power word: Cantrip, five times. Also, when used with Sorcery, a power word cantrip requires the full 3-5 seconds of a lynchpin, as opposed to the near instantaneous speed at which a power word can be used.

Power Word Upgrades

The power behind power words is not fully understood. While it is similar to sorcery, it is not the same, acting in very different ways. Greater and more powerful power words are possible to learn, granting even more abilities to the user.

Power words

Imbue (10 Points)

The character may imbue power words into items or even creatures or people, giving them the ability to trigger that power word. While safe to do with regular power words, many items or creatures cannot withstand having a Word of Might imbued within them, and may die or break upon usage.

Words of Might (10 Points)

Words of Might
The character may select 3 Words of Might. A Word of Might is used like a power word, but is much more potent. Words of might are nearly always action words, with some examples listed below. Like Power Words, they must be approved by the GM.

Some Examples:

  • Burn
  • Sleep
  • Freeze
  • Envenom
  • Blind

Master Words (10 Points)

Master Words
A character may only know one master word at a time. A Master Word is a powerful tool that can only be used once. The effects of a used Master Word are intense. Learning a Master Word is difficult, requiring significant study. Many have additional requirements than just speaking the word to enact.


  • Banish… Banishes the target from a location so that they might never return.
  • Curse… Acts similarly to a blood curse.
  • Resurrect… Restores the soul to a deceased character.
  • Ruin… Causes an vast area to fall to ruin, possibly by plagues, natural disasters etc.

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Power Words

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