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While all Amberites can find whatever they desire within shadow, occasionally more potent artifacts may be discovered. These items are tied to the character so that they can be easily found in shadow if lost and generally have abilities that function throughout shadow. These artifacts are purchased on a 5/10/20 point scale.

  • (5 Points) A five point item does one significant thing, some examples might be a fiery sword, unbreakable armor, or magic vision goggles.
  • (10 Points) A ten point item is simply an extension of a five point item, the fiery sword can now shoot fireballs and influence fires nearby. The armor is not only unbreakable but absorbs sorcery and power effects, the magic vision goggles can see various power effects and perhaps around corners. They are all extensions of the first theme.
  • (20 Points) A twenty point artifact has a story, its powers often have a theme but are rarely fully understood by the owner. This is an item of significant power and should be extremely rare. In practice it may behave similarly to a 10 point item, however with more potency and far more flexibility.

Constructs will be negotiated on an individual basis



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