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A measure of how much energy and life a character has. Where normal mortals tire after a few minutes of fierce combat, Amberites can keep fighting, fencing, or partying for days on end. Higher endurance characters heal faster than others, and there is evidence that with a high enough endurance missing parts may even regrow. In a fight of any kind, whether Warfare, Strength, or Psyche, the character with the greatest Endurance always has a chance of holding out longer than an opponent with lesser Endurance, and winning by default. Endurance is the only Attribute that comes into play in every situation, involving either physical combat or the use of arcane powers.

Things you can do with Endurance

  • Run further, party harder and heal better.
  • Resist non wound damage, such as toxins or burns.
  • Continue fighting even when wounded.
  • Push the envelopes of your powers further and longer.
  • Increase the chance of surviving mortal injuries.



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