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Warfare is a character’s ability at war. Use of any weapons, from daggers to machine guns, requires Warfare. All duels of swordplay, the most common way of settling disputes, are judged according to the relative Warfare of the participants. Warfare also determines a character’s “knack” for tactics and strategy, for everything from the placement and leadership of troops on a battlefield, to a quiet game of chess. Weakness in Warfare is more dangerous than in any other Attribute. That’s because the relative Rank in Warfare determines how long the combat will last. If the Rank is too low, either Chaos or Human, the character can be hurt or killed before having a chance to flee.

Things you can do with Warfare

  • Effectively lead, organize, train and recruit armies.
  • Use any and all weapons.
  • Is useful for powers that require aim and precision.
  • Avoid incoming damage by being fast on your feet. Improved reflexes.



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